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About Zurich, Ontario, Canada

the little heritage village

The Village of Zurich is a community of the Municipality of Bluewater and is centrally located at the heart of Huron County in Southwestern, Ontario, Canada. Zurich is situated approximately 5 kilometres inland from the shores of Lake Huron with a view of the lake from the west end of town.

Zurich was founded in 1856 and is known for its deep heritage that can be seen in the architecture today. Learn more about the History of Zurich.

Every year there are many events that are held in the little heritage Village of Zurich. The main attraction is the annual Zurich Bean Festival that takes place on the fourth weekend in August.

Zurich has also a very active community with multiple groups and organizations working together to make Zurich home.

There are many unique shopping and places to eat and drink in and around Zurich with local businesses creating a strong network through the Zurich & District Chamber of Commerce.

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