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Light Up Zurich Decorating Contest 2021

The Zurich & District Chamber of Commerce held its annual Light Up Zurich decorating contest for homes and businesses on Saturday December 18, 2021.

The winner of this year's contest for best decorated home is 13 Parkside Avenue.

Honourable mentions:

- Corner of Geoffrey & Quimby

- 13 Geoffrey

- 22 Quimby

The winner for best decorated business goes to All-In-Skate Park.

The winners will receive a set of coffee mugs with photos of their home/business from the night of the contest along with hot chocolate bombs from Flour Power Chocolates, a local vendor at Artizan Alley.

Here are some more photos of the Christmas decorations around Zurich.

Thank you to our judges for coming in from out of town and our photographer for capturing the night of lights.

The Zurich & District Chamber of Commerce wishes you and your families a happy holiday and new year!

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