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Vaccinations for Children 5-11

From our local health teams.

"December 2nd, 2021

To Our Valued Patients and The Residents of Huron and Perth Counties,

It is with great excitement that we are able to share the announcement that children aged 5-11 years are eligible to receive a vaccination against COVID-19. Like you, many of us are parents who have been eagerly waiting for Health Canada to approve a vaccine against COVID-19 for our children.

We recognize that many of you have questions about giving these vaccines to children. We want the best for our children, and it is completely normal to want as much information as possible prior to making a decision on whether or not to have your child or children immunized against COVID-19. We hope that the information and resources below will help you make that decision based on up-to-date, scientifically-based information.

A few things to remember:

• COVID-19 is still circulating in our community and currently Ontario’s case counts are increasing steadily.

• In Ontario, throughout the month of November, children aged 5-11 had a higher rate of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 than any other age group.1

• Since September 2021, within the communities of Huron and Perth, there have been: o 64 school-based exposures

o 5 school outbreaks (meaning transmission occurred in the school setting)

o 4 school closures (schools may be closed due to uncontrolled transmission and/or lack of school capacity)"

Full document at below.

Vaccination age 5_11 Joint Letter from Doctors
Download PDF • 282KB


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