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Prepared & Presented to The Zurich & District Chamber of Commerce by Local Businesses Owners in Zurich, June 2021

Sponsorship Approved By The Zurich & District Chamber of Commerce, June 2021

Thank you for supporting local business! 

Z Marks The Spot

Zurich has gone through a lot of changes in the past two years with businesses opening and closing along with the impact of COVID-19. In response to these changes local businesses owners came up with the idea of “Z Marks the Spot" (#zmarksthespot). From this concept, a flow of ideas lead to the creation of a summer campaign for 2021.

The “Z Marks The Spot” summer campaign for 2021 is a focus on local economic development and to increase tourist foot traffic to our little heritage village. Zurich has many hidden treasures that we can promote. The goal is to to highlight our unique businesses; our community; and Zurich events. The objective is to make the “Z Marks the Spot” a slogan for Zurich that is can be utilized into the future during local promotions, the holidays and upcoming events.

Z Marks The Spot Logo

The idea came from “X” marks the spot become transformed into “Z Marks The Spot” to encourage a shift in spending to the local economy and to draw in other retailers to fill vacant retail spaces. The colours are to reflect the new Zurich logo and to add some fun to the campaign. 

The logo created can be used to promote Zurich on any media created by the local businesses. The logo can be used in your marketing and advertising initiatives. The logo is available in .png format. If you require another format please email and we can send the requested format.

Download .png Logo

For marketing and advertising, we ask local businesses to send in their logo, contact information, website and social media handles to The logo and details will be added to the website, signage and used in advertising outlets.

We hope to have a bustling summer!

Thank you in advance.

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