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Huron Shores Transit

Public transit for Bluewater, Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Lambton Shores, North Middlesex and South Huron. Get where you want to go with the Huron Shores Area Transit bus service! This affordable bus system is designed to provide residents with affordable transportation options within the region, connecting our local towns and villages and hamlets to one another and to Sarnia and London.

Bus routes and information can be found at

Passenger Update: Temporary New Stops In Hensall And Zurich.

Dear Passengers,

We are happy to announce that we will be temporarily serving the community of Zurich and Hensall via Route 2 (Long distance) every day from 11th August 2021 for $5 each way to GB or London. The following are the location for our bus stops in Hensal and Zurich.

1) Zurich - Mill Avenue @ the Municipality Building.

2) Hensall-108 king St. @ the Heritage Hall.

The road construction delay still requires us to follow the temporary changes to our bus schedules. We will let you know when schedules return to normal. Please accept our apologies for these inconveniences.

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