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Short-Term Rental Licensing Draft By-Law Consultation

Since 2020, the Municipality of Bluewater Council has provided resolutions regarding short term rentals. Recently, Staff and Council have been working to draft a by-law to regulate short-term rentals in the municipality. Staff and Council's goal in drafting the by-law is to create a policy that balances the economic benefits of short-term rentals with the needs of the communities in Bluewater.

As part of the process, the public is invited to provide feedback on the short-term rentals draft by-law. Multiple perspectives will help municipal staff and Council develop a comprehensive by-law that balances the needs of residents and short-term rental operators.

How to provide feedback Provide feedback by completing our short term rental consultation survey by August 31, 2022. The survey is designed to have different questions based on whether or not you are completing it as a neighbour, short term rental operator, visitor, etc. Any information collected as part of the consultation survey may be included in a report to Council. However, personal information will not be shared.

Please review the draft by-law before completing the survey.

Complete the Survey

Highlight and background can be found on the Municipality of Bluewater website.

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